Monday, February 14, 2011

A reminder

I started a blog so I could describe my crazy wonderful entertaining and difficult life... now if I could just find the time to write... My little guy has a cold, my goddess son has poison oak, I am behind in all my classes though I did manage to grade a few exams this weekend.  We went to the 'rent's house to watch the Chinese New Year parade on TV -- a family tradition that I married into.  Turns out that the parade isn't until next weekend... It was a lovely evening though.  We gathered and celebrated our beloved Patrick who would have been 27 this year.  The family imagined that he-- if he were alive would be traveling the globe as a chef, an extreme chef.  It was fun to dream about.  As I sit here in a stolen moment housebound because my small one is sniffling, I want to remind us all regardless of what your faith, spiritual path or journey love yourself and love those around you because you just never know, when our time together might come to a close in this realm.  Let us love with our Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit.  Remember that it is all transient, maybe undecided, maybe a bigger plan... today, set your anger aside and love, simply love. 

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