Wednesday, February 1, 2012

When then shall I write?

At least four times today I wanted to stop, sit down and write a little note.   Notes that said: I am so happy to see you, I am so glad you shared your news with me, I am so grateful we connected, I wish we had more time to collaborate, I appreciate the hard work you are doing.  I carefully crafted each note in my mind as I was madly rushing to the next meeting, class, commitment.  I am now home, and  it is somewhere close to midnight.   I just want to go to sleep.  So I have to ask myself, when shall I write?   If I can't even churn out a few notes of gratitude, how on earth am I going to settle on a good research and writing project?  My life is rich with teaching and learning moments, I feel like I am doing reasonably well in my administrative duties and I am keeping a float with my Connections Project expectations but I long for deep relational connection.  I want to slow the time in my classroom down and cultivate luminal time.  The days seem to go by so quickly and before I know it the relationships are feeling the strain.